A Kitchen À La Keller
Keller stands for high-quality top design. in addition, they enable maximum flexibility in composing your kitchen. Every single one of our kitchens is fitted with clever ideas and innovations. That makes a Keller kitchen a bit smarter, we call that a kitchen à la Keller!

The X-S Of Keller In A Row

Guaranteed 100% made in Holland

A new kitchen is a conscious choice for many years of cooking pleasure. Compose your own kitchen and we will manufacture it for you. With the same care. And we will manufacture it ourselves – all Keller kitchens are built in our own factory in Roosendaal, the Netherlands. Here, skilled professionals work on individually composed kitchens to produce your own, personal, unique kitchen.

Pure quality is the starting point, always.

A long life span and carefree use are standard ingredients of a Keller kitchen. Whether it’s the extra sturdy 16 mm quality of carcase and doors, the silent soft-closing hinges and drawer runners, or the high-quality brackets: Keller only works with the very best materials and brands.

We bring the world of international design to you.

Keller Kitchens has its own design team with a vision. A team that keeps a close track of the international developments and trends and interprets these to the local kitchen markets. This way, Dutch design is created with your needs, wishes and way of life in mind. The perfect kitchen match.

Horizontal and vertical handleless

An attractive look is determined by the eye for detail. That is why the handleless Keller kitchens are really handleless - in every aspect. Not just horizontally, but also vertically, so that the effect of minimalist design is not disrupted in any way. The result is clean, pure and perfectly contemporary.

A wooden kitchen without compromise to the pleasant ambiance

Authentic materials and elements often determine the ambiance of a kitchen. That is why the fronts of all wooden Keller models consist of solid wooden frames with veneered inner panels. The cooker hood is integrated in a tailor-made chimney, which seamlessly matches this ambiance with its luxurious appearance.

Exclusively available from your kitchen specialist: professional advice

Quality is a matter of trust. That is why Keller Kitchens feels at ease in a real kitchen specialist's showroom, where people are driven by their love of the profession. Where skilled professionals are there to guide you, from the moment you choose the right design to the moment you first admire your new kitchen. Not coincidentally, various Keller specialist have won the prize for ‘best kitchen showroom in the Netherlands’ over the past years. It is the ultimate proof that your kitchen dream is in good hands.

Over 75 years at the top of the European kitchen market

The success of Keller kitchens did not appear out of the blue. Since our start in 1935, our high-quality kitchens found their way into hundreds of thousands of homes. Today, based on many years of experience and expertise in the social housing market, we are creating luxury kitchens for our demanding clientele. And that is why Keller occupies a firm position in the top 10 of leading European kitchen manufacturers.

Mix & match with the Keller Colour System

Combining was never this easy. With nine contemporary colours in six different materials and price groups, you have everything you need to design your own personal kitchen, in which all elements are perfectly matched.

The first Dutch kitchen with the ‘green’ FSC certificate

Choosing for corporate social responsibility was an easy decision for Keller to make. After all, Keller has already been manufacturing in this way for years. In fact, Keller was the first kitchen factory in the Netherlands to be FSC certified. If you care about the environment and want an FSC certified kitchen, this is possible without surcharge.

Manufacturer's warranty

Keller offers a 5-year warrantee on all kitchen furniture. This underlines the quality of our products. Should the quality or finish not meet the standard we will replace it free of charge.

Customization and design at an affordable price

Customizing a kitchen also means: fitting the budget. Together with the expertise of the skilled professionals in the showroom, the very wide range of materials and equipment ensures that Keller has a solution in every pricing segment – there by matching the service of high- class carpenters and exclusive brands. A comfortable thought for those who are looking for a balance between price and perfection.

Quality and affordable design for tenants and buyers

For over 75 years, Keller has been developing for the social housing market, in close collaboration with housing corporations, property developers and the building industry. These kitchens are seamlessly matched to the luxury program and, as a result, they can be easily expanded into complete, luxurious modular kitchens. With the help of the best kitchen specialist shops Keller provides customized design and an extensive range of colours, models and options. This way, tenants and buyers are able to enjoy a Keller quality kitchen at an affordable price, for many years to come. Now if that isn’t a smart deal!

Customized according to personal wishes down to the smallest detail

On the basis of a clever kitchen program and many years of knowledge and experience, Keller knows how to meet even the most exacting customer demands. It resulted in a unique customization of international elegance, with design characteristics such as curved cabinets, painted fronts, and high-quality natural stone.