When we deliver a kitchen, we deliver quality
Each Keller kitchen is manufactured in our own factory. Without exception. this way, we are fully able to monitor the quality of the materials and parts used and can make sure that our very high standards are met, every time. and it shows: the end result is impeccable – day in day out, year in year out.

For example, our drawers are provided with sound-muffling buffer closing. The renowned Blum brand provides our luxury 100% metal drawer trays with the famous Blumotion soft-closing system. The flexible clip hinges can turn 110 degrees and are provided with a convenient comfort adjustment and mufflers, integrated in the hinge.

Our sink cupboards are standardly provided with a water-resistant base. All cupboards and shelves have a thickness of 16 mm, while the adjustable shelves are finished with a protective strip all around and rest on metal shelf brackets. Most base units have a closed-off top in order to guarantee stability. All top units are provided with a concealed suspension system and each kitchen can be supplied with adjustable legs in six basic heights. And as a finishing touch – we have been packing our kitchens for years in environmentally friendly packaging material. After all, that’s also a part of our ‘quality’ image!

Guaranteed in-house manufacturing
For over 75 years, Keller Kitchens has been finding it's way into the homes of demanding consumers. These kitchens have all been manufactured in a Dutch factory, initially catering for Dutch tastes. Which means something, because the Dutch are a highly demanding people – requiring specific models, specific colours and specific finishings.

In our factory, everybody works together to achieve constant improvement of our kitchen solutions. This is done with an eye for detail, because that’s how we are able to continue to produce high-quality kitchens. Highly efficient production methods are leading to excellent price- performance ratios. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how much Keller kitchen you will get for your budget. And always with 5-year unconditional warranty – a term that, in practice, we take rather liberally.